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A sensetive process

Micke & Calle
Micke and Calle at värgårdsfestivalen

To create music is truly a sensitive process
Right now we are working on melodies and lyrics and this time it seems like that is the hard part. We have some different ideas and different thoughts about some of the songs and the process to merge our minds to one is hard and painful. We truly need all the fruits of the holy spirit to make it happen.
take me for example, there are a couple of songs that i currently have a hard time finding a melody for, I like the songs but it’s not exactly my kind of music and I don’t know what is right for the type of songs. And the others in the band think that those songs are killing!!

And today I surfed around and read somewhere that someone (one person) didn’t like the singer in Mammuth and thought that the band would be better of without him.
Normally I wouldn’t care about things like that. There is always people who don’t like what you do and that is the way it should be… But since we are in this sensitive process my mind picked up that one opinion and i started to think that it maybe was right. In my mind I know that it is not true, but the feeling remaind for a while. 

I just wanted to share this to let you know what kind of process we’re in right now an if you’re talking to God, please send him a prayer for us and the recording!

Tomorrow we’ll go to germany again!
We are really looking forward to it (except for getting up at 3.30 in the morning) and it’s going to be a lot of fun. 
we rehearsed the setlist yesterday and we’re going to play 4 new songs:
Piece by Piece
I am 
Change of Heart
It is 4 great songs and it’s going to be interesting to test them live as well.

ok. Now I have to start prepare for the trip.
we’ll probobly update on monday with some photos from the shows!
Take care


P.S. there are more live pics from värgårdsfestivalen at their website!!!


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preproduction in our rehearsalroom

This is the news you have all been waiting for!!!!
The recording of the new mammuth album will start on June 16 in Fascination Street studios. It is the studio where we recorded Shine and Embraced EP. other band that have recorded there are Katatonia, Opeth, Millencolin and many more!!!
David Castillo will be in charge of the recordings, and Jens Bogren who owns the studio and also produced Shine and Embraced will also take part in the project!

We are very excited about this and can’t wait to get there. Right now we are very busy with preproduction, but we also are preparing for a couple of shows in Germany.
It is busy but fun to be a Mammuth these days!!!

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We have some problems with our web and mail. we ar trying to fix that as soon as possible. if you need to get in contact with us use this guestbook or mail me at daniel @ sorbykyrkan.nu 


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Värgårdsfestivalen 2

 Live from Värgårdsfestivalen!!!
Today the organizer from Kisa (Samuel) sent us some pictures, there might be more coming but here are some for you to check out! We really liked the lighting and the sound and light engineers did a great job!

Other things that i happening is that we are recording a preproduction in our rehearsalroom, the time is ticking very fast at the moment, but we will be ready in time!!!
Enjoy the pictures and take care!


Värgårdsfestivalen 1
A nice idea to make a lightrig out of the festival initials!!!

Värgårdsfestivalen 3

I also found a clip of the consert on Youtube…

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Backman in a nice pic from värgårdsfestivalen

Time to annonunce the shows for the summer!
Even if we are going to be extremly busy with recording this summer, we can’t resist to make some shows, because that is what we like most! Some of this you know and some of it is not totally settled yet, but I’ll give you what we got:

1 June: Smallstage, Ostfildern Germany  
A smaller version of the festival Rockstage where we played last year!

2 June: Rock Im Step In, Bad Lippspringe, Germany 
With our friends in Snakebreak 9

6 June: Deedfestivalen, Örebro, Sweden
A festival in our hometown togheter with Laakso and a bunch of local bands

26 July: Oskarshamn
We’ve played there before, but they said that a lot of things have happened since then. we really look forward to it, it’s going to be fun to play with Intohimo also!

28 Juli: Helsingborgsfestivalen, Stadsparken, Helsingborg
My hometown before Örebro. Hope to meet a lot of old friends!!!

There might be one or two more gigs, but not more. Since we are recording we have to focus a lot on that. Hope to see you at at least one of this shows!


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 Thank you Kisa!!!
We had a wonderful time at Värgårdsfestivalen yesterday. When we came we were very tired and we didn’t have very much energy for the consert. But boy, that changed when we got on stage! Afterwards we all said that this gig was a perfect break from our rehearsal and it was clearly a injection of energy for us. So all thanks to the wonderful people of Kisa!!

Vargardsfestivalen, our crowd!
Here are a picture of the crowd… can you find someone that doesn’t belong there?

We met some nice people after the consert
One of the best things with the conserts is the meetings with very different people before and after the conserts. Last night was no different. Here is a picture of some of the people! If you read this: Take care, all of you, hope to see you again, maybe at Strandfestivalen in Oskarshamn?? Friends from Kisa
We hope to get some live pictures soon.
If you took any nice photos at the show, please send them to info@mammuth.net and maybe we’ll put them up here!!

and last but not least…
I tried to make a serious video documentry of Mammuth backstage just before the show, but I should have known that it was impossible. The result was a very immature but also very funny video.
beware, watch at your own risk (in swedish)

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Live and well!!!

Calle at rockstage 

In waiting for some fresh live pics from Värgårdsfestivalen
Here are some old but nice photos from Rockstage in Germany. The photographers name is Christian Stritzelberger and he is really good. Check out his other photos here 
We are actually going to the same area in June, to “Small Rockstage” . Hopefully Christian will be there and take some more nice livephotos!

Backman at Rockstage

Micke at rockstageDaniel at rockstage

 Thats all for now. More pictures and a gigreport will come soon. Now I have to print some merchandiselists and go to town to buy drumsticks 🙂
Then we’re of for Kisa!!!

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