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The Backyard of Fascination street
This is the backyard of the studio – amazingly beautiful

I couldn’t sleep tonight
I had all kind of thoughts in my head, a lot of them was about the album and the songs. Yesterday I was back in our rehearsalroom to work with melodies before the vocal recordings who maybe starts on wednesday. All songs and lyrics are not finished yet even if the recordings have started, but that is nothing new it has been like that every time we have recorded before. 
I remember writing the second verse of “Damaged generation” (Shine) in the studio between takes, and i wrote the lyrics of “when my days are over” (DTRIS) on the plane to England where we recorded the vocals for Die to rise…
I work well under pressure. 
But i can’t help being a bit nervouse, a lot of the new lyrics is from an other angle then I use to write and I’m not sure if I’m happy yet with some of the lyrics that we have.
And for one song we still have trouble finding the right melody for the chorus.


when I was in the rehearsalroom yesterday i came up with an new idea for that chorus, and i think I like it, and when I came home last night I listened to all of the songs again and i realized that this album have a lot of potential. There are some really great songs, and i just want to be sure that the lyrics are as great as the songs.

But all night I’ve had the new chorus in my head, and that is a good sign, I think. Today the other guys will listen to it. I hope they like it, otherwise it is back to the writingdesk again =)

The last two days in the studio have been all about the guitars.
I was only there in the beginning when we decided what kind of sound there will be on the guitars. We’re recording guitars on two amps simultanously and It will sound heavy, crispy, twangy,hard and brutal at the same time 🙂 It will be great!
Calle and Davìd have been working hard in the studio, Micke is on a course with his job so he have to set all his guitars next week.

We are halfway trough the recordingdays (not counting mixing) and everything is following schedule, everything is alright and sounds great… 

I should be able to sleep….              


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Basinspelning 1

I took my bike to the studio today
It is a ride for about 30 minutes from home, it was very nice weather today. When i got there Samuel and Davíd was very busy with bassrecordings. I did my best to get them in the mood for masterpieces 🙂 It sounded really good!
I also took some pictures for the blog. 

Basinspelning 2
Samuel is a very nice guy and plays the bass very good too!

Basinspelning 3
During the lunchbreak!

We have now moved to studio 2
And that is the smaller studio of FS, but it suits our needs perfectly, it is a great studio for recording bass and guitar and also song later on. 
In the recording room I made a very interesting discovery. There was the original tapes of the legendary swedish singer Bengt Johanssons album “Fästpunkt”. And it is extra special for us since we have recorded a cover from that album, “Du är mitt ljus”…
I don’t know if that means something, but it feels like a circle is closing 😉
It will be a inspiration to have Bengans album literally in my back when recording the vocals on our new album!!!     

Bengt Johansson X files
Here they are, the original Fästpunkt tapes…!

And last but not least…
A homemade video of todays recording… Enjoy!!!

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Inspelning 1

And here they are!
I think most of us mammuths was a bit tired after the 4 days in fascination street, we had worked very hard and long days and it was a well earned rest.
The status right now is that Backman have gone away on a vacation for a week with his wife to Turkey to rest his drummerarms. And today have Davíd edited drums, that means that he has listened to all the recordings to decide what parts that is most well played.   

Inspelning 2
This is Davíd editing, he has some serious dreadlocks!!!

Tomorrow it is Samuels turn!
Most of the bass is hopefully already recorded but there are still some work to do. He will probobly have to do some parts again. That depends on how well he played during the first session and how much the drums have been edited. I think =)    

Inspelning 3
Most of those cables is for the drum mics 🙂

Inspelning 4
Even if the walls are pink this is really a metal studio!

On thursday we had a talk
About the sound of the cd. What kind of bass and guitar sound we would like and we also decided some albums to use as references on how we want our sound to be like.
We were surprisingly united on this. The sound have been a discussion for a long time in the band. But maybe this is the time when we all have merged into the full understanding of what the Mammuth sound is!

We all agreed on that this album is going to sound extremly good!!!
You’ll see!


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The snare

Now it’s time to go home
We have had 4 good days in the studio and all the drums are recorded and some other stuff too!
We are very tired but we have a good feeling.
Next session starts on monday next week! But before then I’ll update with more pics!

Take care and God bless!

//mammuth. Tuesday June 19, 22:45

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This is a live update of the recording of “samuels song”

We start on a new song, Samuels sång. The last song “I am” went good!
We have some arrangement changes on this song. hopefully it will take about 2,5 h to finish it!
we have to find the feeling first before we start to record…

We are now ready to do some takes. we’ll see if David will like the song.
He wants to tune in the drums. The first take will have to wait some minutes longer…
Here we go!
First listening… Samuel thinks the drums in the chorus is to much. It is a different song, only one verse and a instrumental part after the first chorus. We have a discussion about the arrangement. David would  like to have a second verse. And because he is the king we’ll try that. Mike wants to try to lower the tempo. David also wants the vox to start at once.
To sum it up, there is a lot we have to change on this song, but we all tink that it is worth it since it is a really cool song.

now we have a idea!!!

Starting to take form, but backman have gone away to get some “filtklubbor” and we haven’t recorded one take yet… If we are going to have it finished at 19:00 as planned, we have to hurry. We have one more song to record tonight. 

Backman is back and we have told him about all the new changes. It’s time to try it again!! There is a possibility that this will be the last song of the album!!!
Now they try to make a doubletempo thingy on the outro… i don’t like it very much…

The first decent take!! This is going to be a great song! We need 2 more takes like that!

We have the song now, but not on disc, only in our hearts… We need a couple more takes.
but the ending… Maybe one of our best endings in my opinion! 

David: “suddenly it became a single…”

after a short break we’re back in buisness. we have some great takes. we have to take some more just to be sure. Then we have to eat strawberries! 

The last take, perhaps…

recording an alternative ending…

That’s it! We have it!
Only one hour and 20 minutes later then planned, but it was worth it. Now some strawberries before the last song: “Slowly”

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A tour of the studio

This is a very special guided tour
Right now there is thunder outside and we have recorded two songs and ordered pizza!
I think we are on schedule again!! And this video is a guided tour of the studio while we are recording a song with the working name ” a blessed zombies ride”

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Third day

backman is an engl

 Hello from the studio!
Right now the time is 24:00 on the third day of four of recording drums. When we stopped last night we thought that we had everything under control. We had recorded 6 songs and we were on schedule. 
But at this moment it’s a bit scary. A couple of songs have taken more time then we anticipated, our plan was to record 3 songs today…. but probobly we have to leave one of the songs for tomorrow. 

But I don’t think it will be a problem. And the songs sounds really good.
I will update with much more pictures after this 4 days but i’ll give you a pic of David!

David and mixtable
David the monsterproducer

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