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A big thank you!

To all we met and played for in Oskarshamn, Motala and Helsingborg!
we had a great time and since this was our last three shows in 6 month we will remember this gigs with joy!

If you were at the conserts and took some pictures we would love to have some of them!
So send them to daniel.jakobsson78 @ gmail.com  and maybe you’ll see your pics here on the blog!
Take care now and you’ll hear from me again soon!


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Strandfestivalens logga

Thursday 00:00 – Strandfestivalen, Oskarshamn
It is our second visit at strandfestivalen, the first was 5 years ago, and we remember a nice backstage, beutiful location and last but not least swimming in the ocean while listening to metal (oblivion)
Thursdays lineup includes intohimo  and two band I haven’t heard before. Our gig is a outdoor event, so we hope for good weather!
Oskarshamn is by the way Samuels hometown, so we’ll sleep at his mom’s after the show!


 Friday ??:?? Get Around, Furulid, Motala
Our first gig ever in Motala, but we have been in motala several times as a band, at mcdonalds… Motala is a great food stop when travelling south from Örebro, but this time we are very glad that we can actually play there!!
Always fun to play with a bunch of local bands as well  

festivallogotype (logotype)

Saturday 22:30 Pilgrimstältet, Stadsparken Helsingborgsfestivalen
It is our third gig at Helsingborgsfestivalen and for me this is extra special since i’ve lived and worked 3 years in Helsingborg. Looking forward to meet a lot of old friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. 
The festival lineup is strong as usual and we might go check out Tomas Andersson Wij before the gig… Unfortunatly we have to leave pretty soon after the show. Otherwise if would be fun to hear Weeping willows…
And a friend of mine plays in the band Nice Pillow 15:00 at “gröningen” but i don’t think that we can be there that early 😦

We have a long and winding road ahead of us
And probably this is the three last mammuthgigs in 6 month. We are going to have a lot of fun and hope to see some of you guys on the road!
I promise to take some pictures for you!

Take care!

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I’m listening to the songs unmixed in my ipod
With all the vocals finished we are close to the final result, close but also very far away…
The mixing always does a lot for the songs and with that in mind I’m pretty amazed of how good it sounds. The songs are awesome and some of them are pure magic if you ask me 🙂
It has been two very hard and long days with recording vocalharmonies, but it is worth the hard work, and it also is very fun to be in the studio.

We have two songs left that we couldn’t finish this weekend for different reasons but that is in our plan. We’re going to record that during the mix week. 

But now, new album aside – We have a tour to look forward to!
Oskarshamn on thursday, Motala on friday and Helsingborg on Saturday.
We are really looking forward to this and we’re probably going to do some of the new songs as well. This is the last three shows before our autumnbreak that last until february when the album is released if everything goes as planned!
The reason for this is as you might know that Calle (guitar) is going to Africa for 6 month.

But more of that later. For now – We rock!!


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Between takes

Voacal recording

Hi again!
I’ve had some days of rest from recording but tomorrow we’ll go back in the studio. 
We have still a lot of vocalharmonies to record and also some percussion, for example tamburine and shaker.
In sweden we call it: “the dot over the i” =)

Anyway. our plan is that everything will be finished recording on sunday except for a secret recording in about two weeks. I’ll tell you more about that later…

Next week we’ll go on a small tour to Oskarshamn, Motalaa and Helsingborg. That is going to be very fun. Hope to see some of you there!

Vocal recording
Backman brought me some Finish tervapastilles and they made wonders for my voice and inspiration! I’m going to Finland before the mixing to buy some more…

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Last vocal day… not

This was supposed to be the last vocalrecording day
and we have some hours left on our 16-17 hour day but there’s no way we’ll be able to finish all songs.
But since we are dealing with the best studio in showbuisness we can have a couple of more days when we can record some harmonies on ourselves next weekend.

And it sounds pretty awesome, if I may say it myself =)
The last couple of songs we’ve sruggled with some really high notes for me, I’m not a tenor but I managed finally to give some greate notes on A# and B…  I’m pretty proud!

Now back to work. Tomorrow or on thursday i’ll put up some movies and pictures from the vocal sessions!


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But we had a great day in the studio yesterday!
Jens has a great ability to make me sing at the top of my capacity and on the three songs we worked on we got some really good vocals.
The songs were Piece by Piece, Samuels låt (possible new name: “Coins of compassion”) and Erased.
the only minor backlash was that we didn’t have time to work on harmonies, bute we’ll find time to do that later.

Today is a day of rest and tomorrow we’ll go back to hopefully record leadvocals on three more songs.

take care!

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Today Jens Bogren is in charge for the vocalrecordings
Jens produced our first two albums (shine and embraced) and I really liked him as a vocalproducer så I’m glad that we have at least one day with him.
we are going to focus on three songs today and we start early (8:00), probably because Jens is newlywed and is not allowed to work so late… =)

I’ll take some pictures today so you can see how it’s like!


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