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News from Calle

Actually we have been getting news from Calle for a long time…
…but now it’s time to share it with you. As far as we can tell he’s having a very interesting journey, learning a lot and taking in a completly different culture from our own. If you read swedish you can read his diary at resdagboken.
anyway, yesterday we heard that he have got malaria, I read about it at wikipedia and realized that he could need some cheering up. So send him an greeting in the comments to this post and maybe he’ll feel better!

The life cycle of malaria parasites in the human body. The various stages in this process are discussed in the text.
the lifecycle of malariaparasites in the body.. 

The rest of us went to a inspirational day
in Stockholm yesterday. It was at and faith and art conferense called synergy We had a very good time and in the band we talked a lot about what’s the purpose of mammuth and about beeing a christian and expressing ourselves in music.
We also talked about the release ofcourse and we realise that we have a lot to do yet, but we think 2008 will be a very good Mammuthyear.This week we hope to decide about the artwork for the album. 

I leave you today with two more pics of calle in africa! A little more happy pics then the first one =) 
 Take care and remember Calle in your prayers!



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Congratulations Germany


New gig confirmed
We have now confirmed our second and possible third gig in 2008. It is Rock without limits festival the 31th of October 2008. This years festival included among others The spirit that guides us and my youth heroes Mortification… To bad they played this year and not next year with us, that would have been fun! Hopefully we’ll play another festival that weekend in Switzerland but this isn’t totally confirmed yet.

Germany, here we come! 

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And so it is official…
The 13th of February is the date for the Scandinavian release of our new album THE CARDIAC DEFECT
We are so extremely satisfied with the album and we can’t wait to get your reactions on it. 
As you see we have made a little makeover on the blog and we have also put up a temporary website at our new url www.mammuth.org (remember to update your bookmark).
We’ll try to update this blog more often now when the release is closing in.
But for now, please give your comments and thoughts on the only thing you know about the album: The name!P.S. If you’re in to Facebook you can join our FB group which works as a newsletter. You can find the link by the other official links to the right…   

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