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We first noticed the singer of quench at a couple of our gigs
This was in the beginning of the millenium, he was very enthusiastic and seemed to like us. I can’t remember if he had started Quench yet or if he was about to do it. But anyway, as i remember we found out that he was in a band, a lot of people that talk to us after shows are in bands so that wasn’t big news for us… But then we made a consert togheter in Stockholm (i think) and we in mammuth was completely blown away by the music and the intensity of the show.
Since then we have mailed and talked about doing something togheter again, and here we are! They invited us to play with them in their hometown Varberg, and we’re looking forward to meet them, to play and to see quench live again!

If you are close to Varberg tonight. Come to Ungdomens hus and listen to two great bands!!!


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Photo by www.Jpics.se

We have recieved some really nice photos from Ung kraft
Our competition is starting to take shape. Here are some of the photos we’ve recieved. we’ll announce the winner later this week. it’s still not too late to send us photos!

6 photos by Caroline Johansson:
ungkraf 5 ungkraft1 ungkraft3 ungkraft6 ungkraft7 ungkraft8

2 photos by Linus Törngren


2 photos by www.jpics.se


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We had a wonderful evening yesterday at Ung Kraft.
It was the 6th time we played at this festival and as you understand we really like it! It was really nice to meet people who have listened to the new album and it seem like the crowd really liked the new songs. It was a great evening and thank you to all who came and listened!

Since we didn’t bring our kamera this time we tried a new way to provide the blog with live photos. A competition! Send in you best picture from the consert last night along with your adress, we’ll put the pics online and we’ll also choose the best picture who will win a brand new mammuth cd!
Send your pics to daniel.jakobsson78[@]gmail.com. we’ll announce the winner in a couple of days.
But we’ll start putting photos online as soon as we get them!

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One of swedens largest rock and metal magazine has reviewed our album.
And again it is a very positive review as you understand from the grade 9 of 10! So far we are really glad that so many people seems to think that we have done a great album. I fyou haven’t got it yet you just have to buy it right away!!!

Some quotes from the review (My translation from swedish), it’s not avalible online so you have to buy the magazine to read it!

“Captivating hardrock for everyone who likes hard rock empowered hardcore with soul and meaning”
“The album takes Mammuth to the Premier leauge of Swedish hard rock”
“The Cardiac Defect can not possibly fail to become a success”
9/10 –  Sweden Rock Magazine

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A bit tired but very satisfied is my feeling right now…
The gig yesterday was really great. Just to go into that classic venue was very cool, and to actually be on stage playing was beyond cool =). The sound was great both onstage and in the venue and we were very satisfied with our show. Unfortunatly we couldnt get started until 23.00 and that made it a very late night, but still a lot of people showed up. we’re very thankful and hope you had a really good evening!  
We filmed the event and we’ll probably put up some clips later on, but here are some pictures that might help you understand just how cool Nalen is!

Backman is soundchecking drums, he feels very small and alone on that big stage. But he sounds a lot!!

We had to put the our newly fireproofed (by our self – the punkrock way) backdrop in front of the stage. The stage looked very nice!!!

People starting to drop in…

Hopefully we’ll get some more pics from the show later. our compact camera is not the best to shoot with. But our friends from wonderland did what they could to take som nice photos!

Redlocks in action… 

 We had our own backline today, this is Calles amp from behind…


We did our best to give out all our energy to the audience!



Here is a picture of Wonderland that shows that it is a very long way to the roof!!!
Wonderland  did sound really good yesterday and we’re looking forward to play more shows with them in the future!


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To celebrate our show at Nalen we have now released our new website!

 It is Micke and Samuel who has been working with it and we are very proud of them! Micke hints that it’s a work in progress but so far it looks really good!
www.mammuth.se is the adress go check it out.

And remember to check in here tomorrow for all the news about our gig at Nalen!!!

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På grund av olika omständigheter så har det blivit förändringar inför torsdagens spelning på Nalen!
Och det mesta är förändrat till det bättre!!!
vi har flyttat upp till anrika Nalens stora scen där bl.a. Gnarls Barkley ska spela senare i år. Det känns naturligtvis coolt, men vad som är riktigt skönt är att vi dessutom sänker priset på inträdet till exakt 0kr!!!
Så nu finns det ingen anledning till att du inte skulle komma, det här kan bli hur bra som helst!

Alltså: Mammuth + Wonderland – Nalens stora scen -insläpp 22.00 – Fri Èntre – Ålder 18 år


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