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We thought our schedule was booked for the summer
but one more festival is now confirmed. It is a festival on Faeroe Islands called Fjardafestival. It is going to b ea lot of fun, just to see the Faeroe Islands is magical. This week we are preparing for the shows as in ordering new merchandise, sending out stageplots and lightschemes and things like that.
It has been a couple of weeks since our last show and now we are looking forward to jumpstart the summer with Gullbrannafestivalen. Hope to see you there!


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According to the german webzine Sound7.de
The Cardiac Defect is only 14% from perfection. We agree and thanks for the review. I tried to read it but my german is far from perfect. Thanks to google translate i could manage to find out that the review is very positive. It’s also very funny to read a google translation. Or what do you think about the quote:
“This creativity is – typical Scandinavian – very stubborn, but never too bulky to the ear canal to refuse… ­čÖé

If you speak german congratulations, you can go read the review as it was written at this link: www.sound7.de
If you want a laugh check out this google translation

The numbers speaks very clear to all nations: Mammuth – “The cardiac defect ” 86%

Thank you Germany!!!

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We are now ready to tell you all about our gigs this summer. We really look forward to this and hoping to meet all of you on at least one of the festivals.

1.  Gullbrannafestivalen | 3 jul | 22.40 | Gullbrannag├ąrden – Sweden
We have played several times at Gullbrannafestivalen and it is a really nice festival. This year we’ll play at the opening night on mainstage. It is the first festival of the summer for us and we’re really looking forward to it!
Web: www.gullbrannafestivalen.com
Location: Gullbrannafestivalen
Vistors: 2000-3000
Other Bands: Jars of Clay, Samuel Ljungblahd, Herbrightskies, Per-Erik Hallin   

*NEW* 2. Jesusrock | 18 jul | 20:00 | Kramfors  – Sweden
We got a request to fill in for one of the headliners of Jesusrock that cancelled their show late in the bookingprocess, we have played Jesusrock once for many years ago. It will be fun to see how the festival has evolved!
Web: www.jesusrock.nu 
Location: Kramfors
Visitors: 500-1000
Other Bands: Breaking the silence, Intohimo, October Light


3. Festival Gospel Castellon | 7 aug | tba | Castellon – Spain
Our first visit to Spain, a nice festival by the sea. How will the spanish people recieve Mammuth? Lets find out!!!
Location: Castellon 
Visitors: 1000+
Other bands: Christafari, Sarah Kelly, Superhero


4. Frizon | 10 aug | 01.00 | Torp, Magasinet – Sweden
Probably our favourite festival so far. Looking forward to an awesome consert and a great festival. since we are in spain we’ll only be at the festival on saturday, but it is always a blessing to visit frizon!
Web: www.frizon.nu
Location: Torp, ├Ârebro
Other bands: Blindside, Immanu el, Wrestling with angels  


5. Flevofestival | 16 aug | 01.00 | Bussloo – The Netherlands
Our first visit to the Netherlands and Flevofestival. wqe have heard a lot about this festival and we hope to make a good impression to the dutch people.

Web: www.flevofestival.nl
Location: Bussloo
Visitors: 10000+
Other bands: Torniquet, MxPx, Project 86


*NEW* 6. Upfest | 17 aug | tba | Lutsk, Ukraine
We know very little about this festival, but we are exited to come to ukraine. As soon as we have more details about this gig we’ll post it to the web.
Web: http://www.upfest.org.ua/
Location: Lutsk, Ukraine
Vistors: 1000+
Other bands: –


That was all that we have planned for the summer. In short:

1.  Gullbrannafestivalen | 3 jul | 22.40 | Gullbrannag├ąrden – Sweden
2. Jesusrock | 18 jul | 20:00 | Kramfors  – Sweden *NEW*
3. Festival Gospel Castellon | 7 aug | tba | Castellon – Spain
4. Frizon | 10 aug | 01.00 | Torp, Magasinet – Sweden
5. Flevofestival | 16 aug | 01.00 | Bussloo – The Netherlands
6. Upfest | 17 aug | tba | Lutsk, Ukraine *NEW*

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Check out some pictures by our local newspaper NA.
I haven’t seen it in print, but one picture from the slide is also printed in the paper. It is a really cool pic, hopefully we can arrange to use it in our promotion. Here is the link to a pictureslide from Yeahfestivalen!

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A beautiful summernight in our hometown…
Thank you all for coming to stadsparken, we had a good time and it is always a blessing to play in the sunset of a swedish summernight. A special thanks to Oskar N who took this photos and films. You rock!
Check out the videos and write us a comment if you were at the festival

A edited version of I am from yesterdays gig

Some clips from last night in stadsparken, ├ľrebro


DSC08900  DSC08845 DSC08878DSC08903DSC08870   DSC08896

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