During the day I will update the blog with the last 3 shows of our tour
and the fist of them was our farewellparty at mammuthlegendary Sappho. It was a really great evening and the crowd was as crazy as we remember it. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to our friends in Snakebreak9, but since Simon (SB9 Bassplayer) was to drive us to switzerland we stiull took a piece of them with us. With this blog we want to say a big thank you to all the people we met on this tour, to Walter, to the Schulz family, Igor, Johannes, Kiki. Take care and God bless you!!!


Backstage at Sappho is very punkrock…


Some crowdsurfing


Thank you all for coming to the show!


Igor, crazy guy and one of the coolest drummers we’ve seen on stage.

And finally, as you all have been waiting for, a clip with germans speaking swedish…


Yesterday included a fieldtrip in a beautiful german fall

 I couldn’t join because I’m tryuing to get well from a cold but the pictures say that it was a great day. At night we played at Hamburger Hof, a really small club with orange walls. The people that was there seemed to like it a lot.

Tonight is the last gig with Snakebreak9 at their homeclub Sappho, we hope that this will be the best gig on the tour so far! Really looking forward to it!





Samuel, dressed for success at Hamburger Hof


Some of the people at Hamburger Hof (and Mike)


And finally a picture from the party in the tourbus on the way home.

Last night was not so much to talk about…

instead I give to you: a short video of our good tourfriends Snakebreak9. Enjoy!
Tonight we play at Hamburger hof in Minden.


The show last night in Bielefeld was very nice.

Samuel had a lot of technical problems with the bass but instead he was in the coolest pictures taken by Simon as “plaster pa saren” as we say in Sweden.
The casino was a “youth-kellar” in a chuch and it was small but cozy. Enjoy the pics!

Cool Sam no.2


Cool Sam no. 3


Mike is preparing for the show


The stage from behindDSC00312

Headbanging girl


And finally: The crowd picture


Yesterday we played in Remscheid on our smallest stage ever…
It was even so small that we didn’t all get room on stage so Samuel and Mike had to stand on the floor in front of the stage. The venue was runned by Jesusfreaks which is a christian underground movement in Germany who also organize Freakstock. They want to be sort of a church within the punkrock culture and they organize conserts and meetings all over Germany.
It was not a lot of people there but we all had a really good show and we were all soaking with sweat after the show.


It was a dancing crowd…


Me and Mike in front of the very small stage

As you might see on the posters, our swedish hardcore friends grace.will.fall will play at the same venue next weekend.


The venue had a nice comics superhero theme…

…and a sign with the name of Jesus in the bar. That is Jesusfreaks in a nutshell


And finally a picture of the sheep of Snakebreak9!

Today we have a day off (our only) and tomorrow we will be in Bielefeld!!!


During the first part of the tour we are living with Simon from SB9’s family
And it is really a blessing. They are taking extremly well care of us and the whole family seems to be involved. Simons Mom is a amazing cook and when we came home from the show last night we ate a wonderful soup.

This morning they prepered for us a breakfast that would please kings and Gods… We are so blessed to be here.


Simons sister helped prepare the delicious breakfast in their cozy kitchen

One of the very pleased Mammuth’s

Tourupdate: Die erste gig

The crowd of Alte pauline was crazy last night…
We had a very good time, we were very tired but when the show started it all felt great. Simon from Snakebreak9 filled in on bass and he did a tremendous work. We#re looking forward for tonights gig in Remscheid. Yesterday was a very nice start of the tour! Here are some motre pics from yesterday:

When in germany, do as the germans… play fussball!

Alte Pauline was the name of the venue
A cool but very smokey rock club. unfortunatly not only tobacco smoke… 


Mike by the merchtable

 Our new merch modelled by a nice man…

Our great tourleader Walter!!!

Pictures from the show might come later, be patience and check in often. Daily updates during the tour!!!