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11 May in Kisa!!!

Fredag 11 maj

Soon it’s showtime again!
In two weeks we’re going to Kisa to play at the annual “värgårdsfestivalen”. It is a festival that is arranged by the local churches together with the school. The purpose is to make a great and fun event for the youth in the city that doesn’t include alcohol. I really like to play at this kind of events, to make a great show for young people that maybe haven’t been on so many concerts before because it doesn’t happen in their town and if it does it is for people over 18.

I actually hadn’t been on a real rock consert until Umeå became Popstad 97 , because in Lycksele, where I grew up, there wasn’t a rock scene at all… I was 19 and was totally blown away by Refused and Meshuggah. It still is one of my top conserts and it would be awesome if someone 10 years from now would remember that mammuthconsert at Värgårdsfestivalen… 🙂 

Yesterdays rehearsal 
Was not one of our best, Calle had a fever, it was hot and we were all very tired.
But we did rearrange the rehearsalroom and now we have a lot of space, anyway!




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Mammuth in Germany -05
A picture from the Mammuthfiles, I think this is from Jumprock festival 2005!!

Hello friends and foes =)
Just a little update on all the things that are happening in the mammuth-world. We’ve had two rehearsals since the last blogentry and we have mainly focused on three songs. The working names for them are: “Meshuggah“, “the-many-chorus-song” and “Very-slow-song”…  We have worked pretty hard with them and by now they are starting to turn out as killer songs! I honestly envy all you guys who is going to hear this songs for the first time when they are finished on the new album. For us the songs won’t blow us away at the same level since for us they are only slowly forming into masterpieces 😉
You just have to wait…

  Mammuth goes to germany!
As some of you know Mammuth is   going on a minitour in Germany the first weekend in June. We’re going to play on “Rock im step in” in Paderborn and somewhere around Stuttgart. Don’t know the venue yet. If you click on the RISI banner you’ll get some info about the Paderborn festival!!! We’re looking forward to meet our friends from Paderborn again!!!

When i was googling to find out where we were playing (!) I also find a interview  that we made with a guy from Sound7.de. It is a really interesting interview, but it is in german, so beware!!!=)

You can find it Here!!!

 That’s all for now, Take care and God bless!!!//Daniel

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 The drummerboy

 Hi again!
Have to give you some pics from our yellow rehearsalroom. we spent a couple of hours there yesterday, we were very tired but managed to play a new idea that calle had. And we played it really sloooow… That was fun!
We also made a schedual for the upcoming weeks, to know what songs we’re going to focus on every rehearsal…

We useually are not this organized but since we have so little time to the assumed recording we have to work really hard and focused!  

Calle Palm

 Calle is the man with the ideas…
You could call him the creative nave in Mammuth, he comes up with a lot of ideas and then we can work from there. Without him there wouldn’t be any songs to play… I think…   

Samuel and the bass

Last picture of to day
Is Samuels beautiful pink bass…!

Take care everyone, and check in soon, because we have a lot of news that we would like to tell you, but we can’t, yet, but soon… 

Next rehearsal is on Sunday!! 

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live 1

Pictures from Slåbrock 07
As promised here are some photos from Slåbrock, we had a great time at the festival and the people seemed to like our music. We also met a band from Bergen called Warlight  they seemed like nice guys but i honestly didn’t understand what they said. =) But calle talked a lot to them, i guess he understood!

Here is another live photo. It was one of the organizers who took the photos, Malin I think. Thank you! 

I will also take the opportunity to comment
on a very common clothingtrend for rockers. and it has also spread to the youthculture as well… We have it well represented in the band and I just have to wonder: why? I guess it is a sign of me getting old and boring, but i really don’t want to see peoples underware!!!
Look at this…

 Strange Fashion
In sweden we used to call this Gällivarehäng
but now when it is cool i don’t know what it is called, anyone knows?

Take care, next rehearsal is on thursday!


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Last night we tok the hiphopvan to Norway!!
Backman had rented a nicelooking van for the trip and we had a very interesting trip to Orje where we were going to play at Slåbrock.  We listened to all the songideas that we had recorded and was able to choose 13 of 20 that we are going to focus on for the album. We were unusually agreed…  

I’ll give you some more info about the festival and some photos from the consert later on, now I have to go to work. But here are to start with a couple of pics.

This is the youngest festival organizers we’ve met and they did a great job!

Cool Pose
Our new bassplayer shows his best pose!

That’s it for now.
Check in soon for new pics at the Official Mammuthblog!!!


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On our way to Norway

Approximitly 14 hours to gig
I’m sitting at home preparing for the trip to Norway, it is only our second gig in our neighbourcountry and it is going to be a lot of fun! It is a lot to do to prepare for a gig. I’ll have to make setlists, invoice, pricelist for merchandise and so on. We’ll depart from Örebro at 11 in a rented minivan.
The festival is called Slåbrock and have a good reputation, for this year there have been a change in the festival management and this three young girls is in charge! We really hope that everything works out well for thm and we are certainly going to do our very best to make the festival a success!!! 

The recording is closing up
Yesterday we got a 95% go sign from our recordlabel Talking Music to record our 3rd full length album. We want to have a 100% confirmation before we give you any details but it is very exciting news for us.  At the moment we have 20 song ideas to choose from and we plan to use the cartime today to try to decide wich songs we are going to focus on for the recording! So it is an exciting day ahead of us! 

Wish us luck and feel free to pray for us!


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Last night Honken send us a link to  this Youtube movie, Surely Internet is an amazing thing!!
We played on a huge festival called Song of Songs festival in Poland in 2005 and one of our songs was send in a national tv consert. They promised us to send a copy of the show but they never did. And now it is on the internet… How come internet got a copy and not us? =) Anyway, check out the clip, it is a song from our first cd Shine and the tvproduction is very professional but a bit boring. As you see it is not Backman on drums. Olof from (among other bands) Rythm Collapse filled in for him

It was very fun to play at SOS festival and Poland did really impress on us as a country of very warm and friendly people. We also had the opportunity to meet an performing catholic monk from NY called Stan Fortuna. Just an example of all the fantastic people that we have met during the years as a rockband.

Take care. Next rehearsal is on friday! And on Saturday we’ll play at Slåbrock in Norway    

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