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We had a great time yesterday!
The sun was shining on the beutiful location of the festival in swedish smalltown Kramfors and we are very happy with the show! The crowd was small but with us every step of the consert and they really seemed to like the new songs and the show! (Om du var på Konserten så lämna gärna en hälsning i kommentarerna och skicka gärna dina bästa bilder och filmer från konserten så kanske vi lägger upp dom här!). As you can see in the pictures we also had the time to hang out with our new friends in the talented metalband Scarlet Drop. Check out their myspace! I’m also very proud that my dad, Kjell, took photos and films of the show and he did a great job! Tack pappa!!!

Thanks also to the festivalcrew and ofcourse a big thank you to all the people we met and that listened to us! More pictures and a more personal perspective of the day is to be found at the ikonblog (only in swedish but the pics are international)
Next stop is in Spain!!!       


Sound and light was great thanks to LEMO, always a pleasure to work with them

A rare, good picture of Backman behind the drums. He is hard to find beind all those things that he hits on…

DSC09377 DSC09395 DSC09410

Short videoclip from the show…

Scarlet Drop rocks hard!

Leah from Scarlet bought our new tshirt, we are honoured



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Yes. we have new merch for you this summer!
It is Ben from the band Triplet who has made it. Triplet is from Portugal and we met them in Italy at the festival Rock on Christmas. We have really good friends in common and even if we haven’t spent so much time with the band it feels like we are very close with them. Anyway, Ben is very talented in design and we wanted him to make our merch for the summer. And here it is, one bag and one tshirt. The tshirt is ecologic and fair produced. You can at the moment only buy our merch on our shows. Samuel has also made a really cool sticker that you have to get!!!

So bring your money to the show, and go on check out our friends in TRIPLET 


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Mammuth summer

Mammuth summer

Last night we played at Gullbrannafestivalen
And this morning we took a swim in the ocean, it is really hot and it’s a lovely day.
The gig was pretty good as well, for the first time we used some videoprojections on some songs and i think it went well.

If it works out fine it can really be a great complement to the show, we’ll see how much we will use it this summer.
We want to thank all the people who came to the show and all you guys and girls that hanged out and talked back at the merchtable. We really like to meet and talk to you!
Here are some pics from the show and the beach and a short mammuth summervideo… enjoy!

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This summer I will blog in stereo…

Yesterday was the first day of my guestapperance at swedish youthmagazine IKON1931.
I will blog ( in swedish) about the tour and about personal thoughts about what mammuth is all about. So don’t miss this. You international friends will have to stick to this blog, but i won’t forget you! See you in the comments and on the roads!

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