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Another consert review

Groove has a consert review from the Satin gig.

Check it out here (swedish)


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We are very happy to give you our first confirmed summerfestival
Frizon is a great festival close to our hometown, Örebro. We have played at the festival three times before and some of our best conserts is from frizon.
We’ll be playing friday the 8th of august (or to be exact 01.00 the 9th) at the stage called “Magasinet”.

We have a lot of bookings on the way so stay tuned to get all the information right here on the blog!


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Our local newspaper made a review of the gig at Satin. Read it HERE
The reviewer felt sort of the same thing that I described in my earlier post, it was not our best gig. But one really good thing was that Calle got the cred that he deserves for his guitarskills! Calle does most of the music and has a very good talent for melodies and harmonies within the guitars. We’re blessed to have him in the band!!! 
Anders Jakobsson who made the review is a really good writer and critic and we’re glad that he reviews us. The review of the album from NA will be up shortly.

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Tonight Blood & Honey got some airtime at Dist on P4
The fist song from the new album oon national radio but hopefully not the last. Follow this link to listen to the show. Mammuth is played as second song!
Thanks to Maria J who let us know about it! 

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Västerås tonight

We are Mammuth – hard and Christian =)
The local newspaper in Västerås VLT made an interview about the gig tonight with the headline “Mammuth is screaming for peace!” I like that, that is what I would like mammuth to be, music that desperately seeking for peace and justice.
On the more fun side, the text under the photo says: “This is Mammuth – Hard and Christians.” Says more about the reporter then about us, when will people stop being amazed that Christians are individuals as well as other people. That all kinds of people are Christians with different interests and with different taste in music.
Probably we Christians have been hiding too much in our churches so the prejudices have been able to grow in society.

About the gig last night
About 80 -100 people showed up and that was really good considering the short notice, thank you all for coming. Unfortunatly we didn’t do one of our best gigs, at least that was our feeling of it after the show. t’s very interesting what make a show good, bad or great. The sound on stage makes a lot for the feeling, also the response we get from the audience is very important ofcourse. Sometimes it just feels like every song is a struggle and yesterday was one of those gigs. The audience was good and contained a lot of our friends so I really don’t know why it didn’t feel better. But a lot of people gave us good credit and encouragements afterwards so maybe it was just our feeling that was wrong =)

Anyway, it was fun to play in Örebro and we’re looking forward to tonights gig in Västerås!

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Gig tonight

Rock on!
Tonight we’ll play at satin in Örebro.I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. and tomorrow we’ll play in västerås.

Busy band busy weekend =)

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Interview & Review

5/5 at crossnet.se and a big interview in DAGEN
The media attention is slowly building up about the album and we got very good review at crossnet.se you can’t hope for anything more then 5/5 i suppose =) Yesterdays DAGEN contained a interview and report from our releaseparty. Unfortunatly you can’t read the artical online  for free, but if yyou get a hold of the paper it’s is a good article.

We also made a´n interesting photoshoot for the article. the reporter had an idea about us holding a heart soaked in blood…  

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